Covid-19 Update 02/11/2020: Second Lockdown

1st November 2020


Currently we will still be seeing and treating patients during the second lockdown as the Government is encouraging patients to continue with their medical appointments.

We have put into place stringent procedures to enable us to be Covid 19 secure in accordance with Public Health of England guidelines.


What next?


Please continue to attend your appointments. We have excellent infection control procedures along with a robust triaging policy to ensure the safety of both patients and staff.  We have all the appropriate personal protective equipment that is required.


If you are worried about your attendance please contact us to discuss your concerns.


However, there are some important differences in the way that we are able to provide our service for the safety of you, other patients and our staff.


We are aiming to minimise the time that you need to spend at the practice. Much of the paperwork that needs to be carried out before you are allowed into the practice can now be done on-line via a portal. This includes updating your medical questionnaire and completing a form to confirm that you are not a Covid risk. Completing these forms online means that you do not have to fill out paper versions at the front door, which can be time consuming and late for your appointment.


We are also not allowing any patients into the practice unless they have a prearranged appointment. Appointments can be made by ringing the practice on 01206 391065.


Another important change is that a dentist has to plan your appointment in advance for certain routine procedures. If a treatment means that aerosols are produced (by using the high speed drill or ultrasonic scaling device) then the surgery has to remain unused for some time after the appointment before it can be cleaned, to allow any droplets in the aerosol to settle. For this reason the dentists are working from two surgeries and are carrying out all hygiene treatments themselves rather than the hygienists. Hopefully this situation will change soon.


We are unable to allow patients onto the premises who:

  • do not have an appointment
  • have covid-19 symptoms (one or more of the following: loss of taste or smell, raised temperate and/or a new dry and persistent cough)
  • someone with a history of contact with a Covid-19 case within the last 14 days
  • have been triaged/clinically assessed and are waiting test results
  • have been told to isolate.


However, if you have a dental emergency, we can arrange for you to be seen at a local Urgent Dental Centre which have been set up specifically for these patients


For practice plan patients we will be honouring your annual examinations and hygiene appointments and can see you for this.

If you want to make an appointment this is what to expect:


  • Ring to make an appointment on 01206 391065. Your request will be triaged by an experienced receptionist or dentist.
  • If an appointment is made you will be sent a link by email or text to complete some forms on-line. These forms should be completed no more than 1 day before your appointment. We have been assured that the information that you give through this portal is secure. If you would like further information on this you should look at the terms and conditions that are available before you complete the forms.
  • You should attend your appointment on time, and not be late.
  • You should ring the bell on the front door and you will be met by a member of staff.
  • You will be asked to wash your hands before entering the premises with alcohol-based hand wash.
  • You must wear a face covering whilst on the premises
  • You will be directed to a specific waiting area with minimal or no other patients, and our aim is to see you promptly.
  • After your appointment, you should return to reception if you need to make a further appointment or pay for any outstanding fees. If you do not need to make a further appointment or pay for outstanding treatment then you should leave the building without going to reception, and not allow anyone else into the building.


Please do not be concerned as we continue to maintain high standards of cross infection control.


Stay safe and please contact us if you have any questions.


What Manningtree Dental Practice can offer

Family values

Family values
We help you look after you and your families teeth for a lifetime.Our focus is in prevention and our care plans and three hygienists are geared up to provide this.
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White fillings

Unsightly amalgam fillings
White fillings: After
We are now able to replace amalgam fillingswith strong, long lasting and extremely natural looking porcelain fillings. Using the Cerec system we can do this in one visit.
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All ceramic restorations

All ceramic crowns
Thanks to the development of modern all-ceramic materials that are incredibly strong and natural looking, there really is no need to use metal.
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Dental implants

Dental implants are the ideal option
In most cases, dental implants are theideal way of replacing teeth. We can use implants to replace single,several or even all of the teeth. We canalso use them to support and help retain loose dentures.
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Tooth whitening

White teeth, great smile
Tooth whitening is a great way to freshen the appearance of your smile by permanently lightening the shade of your teeth without weakening them.
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'State of the art' dentistry

Cerec Cad Cam technology
We have invested heavily in equipment andtraining so that we can offer you the most up to date dentistry in an effecient and relaxed manner.
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Making an appointment

We are able to currently see new NHS and Private patients

To book for an appointment or talk to one of our receptionists for advice, please ring


01206 391065

(please note that we no longer use the old '0844' number following patient feedback

The emergency out of hours number for NHS is 111 and privately 0800 2545124

Christmas Opening Times

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Christmas Opening Hours 2020

Thursday 24th December - 9.00 am - 2.00 pm
Friday 25th December - Closed
Monday 28th December - Closed
Tuesday 29th December - 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Wednesday 30th December - 9.00 am - 5.00 pm
Thursday 31st December - 9.00 am - 3.00 pm
Friday 1st January - Closed
Monday 4th January - Normal working Hours

If you require urgent advice or dental treatment outside of these hours then ring:

For Private Patients: 07586241491

For NHS patients : 111 (please note that this service is only available between 9am and 1pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays).


Manningtree care plans

Manningtree Care Plan At Manningtree Dental Practice, we believe that the best way of making treatment affordable, without compromising our high quality of care, is to offer you membership of our own Manningtree Care Plan.