Cerec all ceramic fillings

Cerec filling being milled
Cerec fillings

Cerec all ceramic white fillingsare therestorations of choice for most medium to large fillings.

The advantages that these fillings have over the alternatives are:

  • They are much more natural looking than amalgam fillings.
  • They bond to the tooth and return the tooth to its natural strength (unlike amalgam).
  • This means that teeth are less likely to break later, and less likely to need crowns.
  • They last longer and are less likely to get recurrent decay than other white fillings made directly (ie in the mouth) from composite material.
  • They can be completed in one visit without the need for impressions unlike other porcelain or indirect composite fillings.
  • They have phisical characteristics similarto natural teeth, and so are less likely to damage adjacent teeth through wear over a long time.

The alternatives to to Cerec white fillings.

For white fillings, the most commonly used alternative white filling is to use a composite material. Composite fillings placed directly in the mouth are more likely to break and become sensitive or develop recurrant decay, especially if it is deep .However, they are a usefull alternative if the filling is small. Indirectcomposite fillings (i.e made in the laboratory) overcomes these problems but involves impressions so that the lab can make your filling, and a second appt to fit it.

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