Cerec all-ceramic fillings and crowns in one visit

Cerec all-ceramic restorations

Cerec digital image of tooth
Cerec milling maching manufacturing precision white filling

We are now able to fit bridges, crowns, veneers and long lasting ceramic white fillings in one visit, without the need for impressions. These restorations are actually bonded, rather than just gluedin position andthis helps strengthen the tooth as a whole. Using the Cerec system, we can also do this in one visit which means less injections, no impressions or temporary fillings and inconvenient additional visits.

To summarise, Cerec ceramic restorations are ideal if:

  • You want a long lasting restoration.
  • You want to keep as much of your own natural tooth as possible.
  • You want to minimize the number of trips to the surgery.
  • You want your teeth to look as natural as possible

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