Cerec all-ceramic fillings and crowns

Cerec all ceramic fillings

Cerec filling being milled
Cerec fillings

Cerec all ceramic white fillingsare therestorations of choice for most medium to large fillings.

Cerec all ceramic crowns and bridges

Cerec crown designed on model ready to be milled

Cerec crowns

We can now take advantage of modern bonding techniques and materials to provide all ceramic crowns of superior strength.


How CEREC restorations are made

Computer generated Cerec restoration
The tooth is prepared anda digital impression is taken. From this, the restoration is designed on a computer and then this is milled. This is then polished or glazed and bonded in place.

Why is bonding so good?

Bonding fillings and crowns means that we can make long lasting large restorations without having to take as much tooth away.

Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is a great way of freshening your smile by using a bleaching agent to lighten the colour of your teeth. It is effective, safe and the results are long lasting.

Making an appointment

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Facial rejuvination

We can make your smile fresher not only by improving the appearance of your teeth but also reduce your wrinkles or frown lines using muscle relaxing injections and fillers

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