All ceramic restorations

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Withthe development of modern all-ceramic materials that are incredibly strong and natural looking, there really is no need to use metal for fillings, crowns or bridges!

Unsightly amalgam fillings
Unsightly amalgam fillings...
Replaced with durable Cerec White fillings
...Replaced with porcelain fillings

Ceramic White Fillings

Large amalgam fillings can be replaced with strong porcelain restorations that also make the tooth stronger whilst maintaining a natural appearance. Because the teeth are returned more to their natual strength, they are less likely to need a crown.

We are able to do this in one vivit using the CEREC system

Conventional porcelain bonded to metal crowns
Traditional porcelain bonded to metal crowns...
Replaced with all ceramic crowns
...Replaced with all cramic crowns
Ceramic Crowns

Modern ceramic systems are incredibly strong and natural looking and has reduced the need to use metal to provide the necessary strength.

Traditionally,crowns and bridges were made with a metal foundation for the required strength. Porcelain was then bonded onto this but the challanges of masking the metal base to make the tooth look natural was difficult and required removal of more tooth substance.

There are a variety of materials and techniques at the dentists disposal that can allow strong, natural looking crowns, veneers and fillings.Our dentists will discuss the options with you and between us we can select the most appropriate method.

We provide a range of all-ceramic crowns and veneers to suit individual requirements. These include Procera, Empress, Lumineers, Zirconia and Lava systems. We can even do this in one visit without the need for impressions using the Cerec system.

These materials are so strong that we cannow replace missing teeth withdental bridges.

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